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In this small post of Taking people with you summary, let’s look at what David Novak says about leadership success and the importance of taking people with you.

Taking people with you is a trademark program of David Novak, which he developed while he was working with Yum! Brands. 

David wanted to find the answer to the questions like how to get people aligned, focused, and focused on the same mission in the organization. It is a known problem for organizations of all levels.  

What will we cover in Taking people with you summary?

  • Why should you buy this book?
  • What is an insight-driven approach to lead people and achieve big goals?
  • Why must a leader be an avid learner?
  • How to unleash the power of people?
  • How to use recognition to drive performance?

Why should you read this book?

In this book, David Novak has discussed the Taking People with you program, which he developed during his 15 years tenure at Yum! They also trademark this program.

Novak challenges his readers about leadership and its essential aspects. How are you doing about it?

Read this book, and you will learn:

  • How to understand your team better by getting inside their head?
  • How to always think big? And choose a can-do mindset?
  • What is “extraordinary authenticity,” and how to practice it?
  • How do you bring out the best ideas from unexpected places?
Taking people with you summary

What is an insight-driven approach to lead people and achieve big goals?

David believes that leaders should think like marketers when leading and influencing people.


In marketing, you get inside the head of your customers. So you try to understand what they are thinking and why they think that way?

Your job is to understand your client better to offer your products or services as solutions to them.

Use this learning for leadership. As a leader, you should have the same insight as your team member, what they think, why they think that way, what will motivate them?

You need to be relevant to your team members or followers by maintaining your leadership brand value.

Make sure your brand as a leader is appropriately positioned. Your team members or followers see you as the solution provider or support they need to succeed in their careers.

Having insight into the mindset of your team members and followers allows you to reframe your leadership style.

Why must a leader be an avid learner?

Becoming an avid learner is the most effective habit for anyone, including leaders. Avid learners are always seeking knowledge and the best ideas. They also can build upon the ideas of others.


To be a successful leader, one must be an avid learner. It is one of the factors that differentiates good leaders and great leaders.

Someone with an appetite for new knowledge and ideas is always an inspiration to others.

An avid learner can understand new concepts and ideas and build upon those ideas in their favor.

How to unleash the power of people?

Establishing trust with team members and believing people want to contribute to the organization positively.

As a leader, you must develop a mindset of believing that everyone has the potential to perform, and a leader has to unleash the power of people.

To unleash the power of people, leaders must believe people want to do the right things and contribute to the organization. Every behavior has some positive intentions. As a leader, you need to find the positive meaning behind the behavior.

Here are some things leaders can do to show team members that they believe in them.

  1. Know that people want to contribute.
  2. Demonstrate that everyone counts.
  3. The more they know the more they care
  4. Ask questions that promote insights.
  5. Take responsive action.

How to use recognition to drive performance?

Recognition is the most effective and cost-effective way to drive performance in the organization.


David suggests that leaders must have set performance standards and benchmarks, and whenever a team member achieves them, there should be a celebration.

Celebrate the top performance, and it will motivate everyone to contribute.

Who should read this book?

Taking people with you can be helpful to new managers, HR professionals for developing leadership development programs, and entrepreneurs for self-development.

In this post of Taking people with you summary, I tried to cover some exciting aspects. But, believe me, there is a lot more information in the book.

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