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Can’t hurt me summary will consist of key ideas from David Goggins best seller, Can’t Hurt Me: Master your mind and defy the odds. 

Can’t hurt me summary will try to include a series of strategies and a brief life story of David Goggins.

David Goggins in his book Can’t hurt me shares how he was able to overcome a difficult phase of his life, unimaginable pain, and tragedy in his life, but still able to achieve his goals and overcome challenges.

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What we will learn in Can’t Hurt me summary?

  • Strategies to develop mental toughness
  • Hold yourself accountable and achieve your goals.
  • How to push yourself past the pain and achieve your goals.

Now let’s dig into some of the big ideas in Can’t hurt me summary.

  1. The 40% Rule 

We all own a vehicle, for better understanding let’s assume you have a car with a maximum speed of 180 MPH.

What will happen when you race down to 100 or 120 MPH, you may start to feel anxiety as your steering wheel starts to tremble, your car’s alarming you to slow down, and eventually you do slow down.

Have you ever wondered, what stops us from going to 180 MPH? Even if we can.


As per David, it is similar to our Human Body also, and he believes we are utilizing only 40% of our capacity. 

So most of the time when you feel you are tired and exhausted or just feel like quitting, you have only tapped into 40% of your capacity.

You have all the resources in the world, you have 100% capacity, and your tank is full, it is just you are giving up too early.


When we want to utilize our full potential, there is one “internal governor” in our mind that yells at us to stop.

What can we do?

  • Push yourself out of your comfort zone, and start staying in the discomfort zone. The more you stay in the discomfort zone better the chances of you utilizing your full potential.
  • Keep pushing yourself every day, if you do 10 push up today, do 12 or 15 tomorrow. Even if your body feels like giving up, push to do 5 to 10 % better every day.
  1. What if

Have you heard the term “thoughts become things”? You are what you think most of the time.

We are always thinking, thoughts are with us from the moment we wake up, work, or go around. We keep thinking and eventually take action on it.


Be careful what you think of yourself, if you keep doubting yourself and your capabilities you will not achieve your goals. 

What if you push yourself out of your comfort zone and stay in the discomfort zone? 

What if you work even harder to achieve your goals?

What if you let go of all self-doubt and self-limiting beliefs?

What if you start just right now?

Think over it and imagine what changes you will make, what goals you can achieve, and lastly how different your life will be.

  1. The Accountability Mirror

Who knows yourself better than you? 

In the Can’t hurt me summary we will see the Accountability Mirror exercise shared by David.

The Accountability Mirror is a self-reflection exercise, you stand in front of the Mirror and reflect on where you are and where you want to go.

You get real with yourself and discuss what you want to do and what you are actually doing.

As David states, He would call names to himself, get aggressive, and have full conversations with himself. This exercise is great for self-reflection and self-clarity.

The Accountability Mirror exercise helps you to keep yourself accountable for your action and inaction, your attitude, and the things you want to change in your life.

What can we do?

  • Apply The Accountability Mirror exercise as part of your daily routine for 30 days and see the results.
  1. Callous your mind

We are hooked and habituated to quick fixes and going back to our comfort zone.

Callousing your mind makes you go out of your comfort zone, and expose yourself to discomfort and pain. Instead of settling for less than you can achieve. 

To callous your mind you need to become addicted to hard work and pushing your limits day by day. 

You should be ready to push yourself hardest when you want to quit the hardest.

Can’t Hurt me summary in short

You can achieve anything in your life that may seem impossible to you.

You need to intentionally seek difficulties and stay out of your comfort zone, it can be demanding for yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Just hang in there and challenge yourself regularly.

Can’t Hurt me summary in one sentence

“Go out of your comfort zone” will be the one sentence for can’t hurt me summary.

About David Goggins

David Goggins is an Ex-Navy SEAL. Army Ranger. Ultra-marathon runner. Ultra-distance cyclist. Triathlete. Motivational speaker. Guinness World Record holder for having completed 4,030 pull-ups within 17 hours

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